Backroom Casting Couch Discount

Backroom Casting Couch Discount

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Backroom Casting Couch always starts with a hot girl walking into the room for an interview. It looks like she is applying for a role in a movie or a modeling gig. Unfortunately, she is not really dealing with a real casting director as he is someone who wants to get her naked and have sex with her as if that was not obvious from the beginning.


She unwillingly takes off her clothes and it does not take long before the camera man’s enormous cock. We never see the face of the camera man and that is actually for the better. They are pretending what he is doing is illegal so nobody can mouth him off to the cops. It is either that or he is just ashamed of his small penis or it could be both. All the videos end with the guy cumming on the girl’s face. If that is what she wanted all along then we will probably never know. It is a shame only the newest update and the update after that are dated as you would want to know the date some of them were uploaded.

The acting here can be good at times even though it can feel that it is staged too. Backroom Casting Couch is one website where you won’t regret you discovered since the amateur babes here will make sure you enjoy your stay. There are 287 videos and the streaming on them are quite good. They can be downloaded on several formats as well so there are many ways to enjoy the stuff here. A majority of them are already available in high definition and the older ones are not that bad either.

This website has all exclusive content so you won’t see the stuff here anywhere else. The problem is it has no pictures so you should be content with the videos here and you should have no problem with that if you are used to jacking off of videos. The girls come in different nationalities and shapes. Some are so fat you are going to see how their boobs bounce when they fucked missionary style while some are so ripped that they look like they have not eaten for some time. The camera work is pretty amateur since it is a one man work with one guy doing the interviewing, camera work and the fucking as well. You can say that he is one guy who loves his job and who would not love a job like that?

For bonuses, you will get access to Net Video Girls and Exploited College Girls but you have to use the link give in the website. If you don’t do that then you won’t have access to these websites. The navigation on Backroom Casting Couch could use some improvement. For example, in the “All the Girls” section, you can only jump from one page to the next page or the previous page. It would be better if you can jump several pages into the future.