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There are 30 exclusive sites you are going to have access to once you become a member of the Bang Bros network. One of the them is the highly popular Bang bus where 3 guys are in a bus try to get a girl to come to the bus with them. The girl asks why they are shooting everything with a video camera then they tell the girl they are just doing it for a school documentary.


They can’t help but laugh the entire time as they manage to convince the girl to come to the bus. Once there, they try and convince the girl to have sex with another guy in the bus. It is possible the guy will unveil his large penis in order to get the girl aroused for things to come.

There are also instances where the girl would give everyone a preview of her body by flashing either her tits or ass. In order to make things realistic, there is a very long dialogue between the girl and the camera man as he tries to convince the girl to get naked. He tries to offer her money but there are times when the chick refuses it and tells them that she is not a prostitute. Of course, the guy does not give up that easily as he tries to encourage her even more.

When she finally agrees to get naked, she gets involved with the guy in all sorts of hardcore action and she would even tell the camera man that he must make sure nobody else sees it. The entire thing is obviously staged no matter how hard they make it look like it wasn’t. The best part about it is everything happens while the bus is still moving. Unfortunately for the chick, they drop her off at a far away place after the sex is finished.

Bang Bros offers nothing but exclusive content for their fans to enjoy. They have a new episode every week so their long time fans can look forward to the funny stories and hard sex scenes.