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If you fancy hot gorgeous chicks who get drunk and then let all their shyness float away, then this site is definitely not the right place to look. This is so because the Dancing Bear is a male stripper outfit that attends bachelorette parties, birthdays and sorority initiations putting on shows for big groups of babes that they will live to remember for a very long time.


The strippers are referred to this way because in all their shows, they have one performer who walks onto the stage dressed in a costume complete with a bear head. Some of us might have visited other similar sites out there, but Dancing Bear still stands ahead of them all in the porn industry. The site updates on a monthly basis and currently it has 102 episodes with each being creative and electrifying, because you will always find a new and totally diverse congregation of ladies. The crowd is not made up of just a few ladies but expect a range of between twenty to more than a hundred.

I do not know if these ladies are aware that things are bound to get rowdy as they normally do, but different from some “look but do not touch” male shows, this show is “look,feel,caress,suck,get cum on your face and on some occasions, you even get to fuck.”The dudes move around after performing a brief skit on stage and numerous women get their opportunity. They do not only lick for a second or two, but most of the chicks go all the way leaving behind loads of cum in every scene.

Some ladies are rather shy compared to others, but this is just the first half of the fun. The second half half is brought about by their dirty behavior and the recording that takes place in a format that you will be able to stream and also download in an MP4 file. Majority of them also come in HD. If you know you have been looking for this kind of entertainment, then join Dancing Bear because you are definitely going to get top notch entertainment.