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Dare Dorm is an amateur college site that exposes the horny side of college students mainly fucking and merry making. It is all about actual college students organizing and filming a horny pair, threesomes or amazing crowd sex.The film is then submitted to the site and the best is awarded $1000. The site update’s every two weeks which is rather slow. This may be due to the fact that the prize money was reduced.


You will have access to 103 videos and they come with vid caps. Some sex crazy students in Texas have even won $ 10,000. The movies run for approximately 50 minutes which is fantastic but they are streaming-only which is rather disheartening.However,they are amazing on screen despite the fact that the more older videos are not of excellent quality. HD is available as a playback alternative but they are not of excellent quality. You might wonder if all the action on Dare Dorm is real, but I am afraid I will have to opt for maybe. The participants are great although they are very amateurish and true to the college female students, they are.

Their schedule though is not impressive, the camerawork is amateur and the content amount is small but the sex is very amazing and entertaining. Most of the content also does not seem staged but you come across some instances in some videos that feel as though they are coerced. For example, the students are to mention the site name at the finish or making sure to mention the RAs and how they might get into trouble. One of the guys has also appeared in another movie.

There are no bonus sites though but you will have access to a bonus movie from Muffia. The site might be updating slowly and does not have a downloading option but it is still great and has room for improvement. You should definitely check Dare Dorm out.