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There is a certain ‘kind of kinkiness’ in the word lesbian! Two girls caressing, kissing, licking, and moaning is a sight not many can easily ignore (or not be turned-on by!) Haze Her takes it to a whole other level – a sorority pledge level!


If you are curious about what naughty sexy gals get up to behind closed university doors while they torment and pledge fresh initiates, this site is here to answer all your questions. Haze Her is dedicated to “real” sorority submissions that include some of the hottest ‘gal on gal’ action ever put on film. The videos are so good and realistic. You will not be able to tell whether the gals are acting or really undergoing ritualistic sexual torment (but then again, who cares so long as the action is sizzling hot, right?).

In the 50 plus videos that Haze Her has to offer, hot new pledges are put through the motions by mean and equally hot sisters. The dominating sisters enjoy smacking asses, humiliating, displaying, penetrating, and strap on action, which leaves both you and the new pledges hot and bothered!

Everything goes as the pledges are verbally assaulted, leashed, and broken in by the hot crazy older gals who love to simply torment! The desperation the new pledges have (wanting to be part of the sorority) means that they are under the mercy of their fellow sisters.

Haze Her has high-class content and the videos can be streamed in three different qualities. Video formats include High Def mp4, wmv and flash player. No downloading limit means more sorority hardcore lesbo action for you to enjoy. Pictures come in High-Resolution (1600 by 1200p) formats that can be downloaded in zip files.

Some might want to fault the site for not having huge galleries of lesbian porn. Haze Her is steadily growing and increasing the number of videos and pics available. However, the content that is available is as exclusive and High Def as it gets.

If the combination of sexy gals, university pledges, and hardcore lesbian action excites you beyond words, Haze Her definitely has what you need! This site is worth your consideration.